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Comfort Cove in the Home

Heater for the Home

Comfort Cove is an electric home heater that is cost effective, maintenance free, and works in every room: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, sun rooms, and basements. Because Comfort Cove heating units are available in several different sizes, it's the perfect alternative home heater for a new or existing home, or remodeling projects. This electric radiant heat system is also an efficient heating solution for apartments, offices, workshops, schools, and medical facilities.

Room Layout

Zone Control

Comfort Cove Heating Zone Control can save you money on home heating because it allows the temperature in every room of a home to be individually controlled, which is much more energy-efficient that standard heating systems. Set lower temperatures in rooms used less often, and higher for those used more frequently.

This home heater is flexible and can be installed in just one room or every room in a home, from living rooms and kitchens, to bathrooms and basements. With the benefits of independent room temperature control, Zone Control helps home owners save on high energy costs.

According to the United States Department of Energy, for every one degree you turn down your thermostats, you save 3 percent in energy costs!