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The Safe Comfort Cove® Radiant Wave

  • Comfort Cove® is a safe heater - it operates at a specific "safe" temperature, producing specific wavelengths.
  • These wavelengths are not visible to the naked eye but are visible with the use of an infrared camera.
  • Comfort Cove® generates radiant heat, which is harmless and is similar to the radiant heat coming from a hot pan of Grandma's cookies just removed from the oven, an old wood burning cast iron stove, or a hot pan of sizzling bacon in the morning.

Electric Comfort Cove Radiant Heat®

Radiant Heat is safe

No fear of death from carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions from propane and gas furnaces.

"Heat at Light Speed"®

The radiant heat produced by Comfort Cove® heaters travels at light speed until striking an object. Depending upon the surface it strikes, the heat is either reflected, deflected, or absorbed. Glass surfaces, for instance, reflect this wavelength, but home furnishings will absorb this heat. Comfort Cove® radiant heat will heat the entire room - the floors, the furniture, and occupants.

Underwriters Laboratories | Listed. Tested. Approved
Plate of cookies
"Comfort Cove® - as safe as a pan of grandma's cookies!"