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Comfort Cove® in the home

Comfort Cove® are electric radiant heaters that are cost effective, energy efficient, and maintenance-free. They will warm your floors and create a comfortable atmosphere of warmth, without the cost and dangers of other heating systems.

It's “green” heating for every room in the home! Use Comfort Cove as a garage heater, bathroom heater, kitchen heater, basement heater, bedroom heater, or all of the above!

What is radiant heat?

Electric radiant heaters create radiant heat, which is more energy-efficient than other heating systems. Much like heat from the sun, the energy emitted from the Comfort Cove® radiant electric heater warms people, objects, and the floor in the room directly, which helps to significantly save on energy costs.

Why Radiant Heat?
Radiant heat is cost effective.

Comfort Cove® electric wall heaters are of durable construction, and designed to be a low-maintenance as possible, saving you money on heater maintenance costs.

Heater Features
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Because these electric wall heaters come in a variety of colors, they are able to match your home décor. The compact design allows them to be wall mounted near the ceiling, saving wall space.

  • Off White (standard finish)
  • Walnut
  • Pure White
  • Sandalwood
  • Light Almond

Contact Us for an accurate color chart.