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Heater Features

Heater Assembly Diagram


Comfort Cove® is a tough heater, having durable construction and will last for the lifetime of your home. They are innovative, continuous, single-piece-construction heating units with an exclusive time-saving tilt-and-lock mounting system.

Imagine having to do little or no heater maintenance! There are no belts, blowers, motors, bearings, filters, flues, compressors.

Airflow Diagram
  1. Rugged solid metal end cap
  2. Ample sized junction box on either end
  3. 1/2" electrical knock outs
  4. Ventilated junction box
  5. High temperature 125°C 12-gauge cross-link wiring
  6. Long lasting commercial grade heating element with a 10-year warranty
  7. Durable continuous reflector made of heavy duty 18-gauge G-90 galvanized steel
  8. Convective heat outlets
  9. Safe, low temperature, heavy-gauge aluminum heating panel
  10. Exclusive Radiant Systems Inc. high emissivity radiant heat emitting coating


Comfort Cove® electric radiant heaters are available in a variety of colors and will match almost any décor.

  • Off White (standard finish)
  • Walnut
  • Pure White
  • Sandalwood
  • Light Almond

Available Colors*

  • Off White
  • Walnut
  • Pure White
  • Light Gray
  • Light Almond
*For Accurate color selection, contact us today to receive a color chart in the mail at no charge.