A Heater For Any Lifestyle

Comfort Cove® Zone Control is one of Radiant Systems, Inc.’s latest innovative contributions to energy efficiently radiant heating in your home. With Zone Control, you’ll have more temperature control in your home than ever before. Zone Control allows your heating system to be flexible and give you the control to accommodate any lifestyle in any room at any time. Increasing your comfort while using less energy, utilizing Comfort Cove® Zone Control results in reducing heating costs and impact on the environment.  You also no longer will be forced to heat un-used areas

Zone Control:

Complete Customized Temperature Control in Your Home

Typical whole-house heating systems do not allow you to increase comfort in individual rooms.  A thermostat located in a remote hallway of a typical home is not an answer to energy savings or home comfort. Comfort Cove® radiant heaters offer you the peace of mind of never being stuck under a blanket again. Regardless of what room you are using, with Comfort Cove® Radiant Heating Systems you will have the utmost in temperature control and energy savings.

Zone control illustration.
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Comfort Cove Zone Control illustration.
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Comfort Cove® Zone Control

Solves Your Biggest Heating Problems

Comfort Cove® radiant heaters go where no heating system has gone before in addressing and solving the everyday challenges of temperature control in your home.

Common Heating Problems Solved:

  • Temperature Control
  • Unheated Additions
  • Rooms over unheated garages
  • Cold Bathrooms
  • Work Shops
  • Best heat for Garage
  • Best heat for Children’s room
  • Cold Basements
  • Rooms that Never “Catch Up”
  • Non-Winterized Cabins
  • Three-Season Room