Comfort Cove® is an electric home heating system that is cost effective, maintenance free, and works in every room: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, sun rooms, and basements. Because Comfort Cove’s energy saving heater units are available in a multitude of voltages, wattages, lengths, colors and sizes. Comfort Cove® is the perfect state of the art home heating system for the new home, existing home, or the remodeling project.  This versatile electric radiant heat system is also an efficient heating solution for apartments, offices, garages, workshops, schools, and medical facilities.

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We've had this cove heating in our home several years now and think it's wonderful! We also use an Earth stove and burn firewood. The heat is comparable. It's quiet, and toasty very quickly. Our electrician had no problem doing the installation. We like how each room has a thermostat and can be adjusted to use.

Lora B.

This is an excellent way to heat your home. I installed them seven years ago and have not had any problems. Very comfortable heat. Using programmable thermostats. These radiant heaters work wonderfully.

Peter E.

Master bathroom photo.

Comfort Cove® in the Bathroom

Nothing better than to pamper yourself with warm dry towels and floors in your bathroom.  All surfaces are kept constantly warm and dry from above thanks to Comfort Cove.  No more cold damp mildew and cold wet towels.  No more cold blowing air after a warm shower.  Keeping your bathroom a few degrees warmer with no air movement is now an affordable luxury you will enjoy all winter long.  Comfort Cove is mounted high on the wall close to the ceiling, safely above blanketing the entire room with radiant heat at light speed.  Warm floors, counters, towels, and even toilet seats are now possible.

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Child's bedroom photo.

Comfort Cove® in the Bedroom

Safety and Comfort are of utmost importance when it comes to a young one.  In particular, a young child that may have kicked off his or her blanket and now is uncovered.  With the Comfort Cove®, radiant heating is no longer a concern as the radiant heat will blanket the bed or crib with radiant warmth from above keeping the bedding warm and comfortable.  Due to the safe mounting location up and out of the way, young inquisitive fingers are safe from harm all the while enjoying the custom temperature provided by Comfort Cove®.  

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Garage photo.

Comfort Cove® in the Garage

Heating a garage with Comfort Cove® is simple.  With the Radiant Heater mounted high on the wall close to the ceiling, it is a perfect choice. A recommended and often unutilized mounting location is directly above the garage doors. Unlike hot air heat, the first place radiant heat goes is direct to the floor, at the speed of light, heating the floor first and then the air.  This method provides a warm dry floor a warm dry car and a warm happy wife.  Set the temperature of your new Comfort Cove®'s heated garage to suit your needs.

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Kitchen photo.

Comfort Cove® in the Kitchen

We have all experienced the “hot holiday kitchen”, everyone gathering in the kitchen area only to experience extremely high room temperature due to people and cooking. This happens year-round of course but is especially pronounced during the holidays.  In the past with your thermostat located in a  hallway, the furnace would keep blowing even more heated air into an already overheated kitchen.  Well not with Comfort Cove®, as the kitchen warms from these activities the Comfort Cove® thermostat reacts and shuts off heat to this area and others as needed saving you money and providing comfort while warm floors and warm counter spaces are to be enjoyed all winter long.

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Comfort Cove® in the Dining Room

Many times, dining rooms are not used year-round but when they are used, we like them warm And hospitable.  With Comfort Cove®, we get the best of both worlds.  When the company comes they are greeted to warm surfaces warm chairs and warm food. But when these areas are not in use Comfort Cove® owners are able to set temperatures in these areas to money-saving levels while still enjoying the perfect entertaining environment when needed.

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Family in living room photo.

Comfort Cove® in the Living Room

Living rooms are meant to be comfortable.  A warm Floor and a Warm Chair and or warm Couch are far more inviting than enduring cold floors and furnishings.  Typically, these areas are Larger and include large windows and doors increasing heat loss and becoming cold and uncomfortable.  There is no reason not to enjoy comfort in all areas of your home.  Maybe you would like to enjoy the warmth from a warm Radiant fire efficiently without the cost of flame and floor space.  Comfort Cove® is the answer.

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Comfort Cove® in the Basement

Basements more often than not represent a large portion of a home’s costly floor space. Also, homes with standard central heating most often will have one thermostat located in an upstairs hallway. As we all know a thermostat located in an upstairs hallway has no idea what is happening in the basement. Basements therefore become naturally cold and damp. It is extremely difficult to heat a lower level with rising hot air. Enter Comfort Cove® producing a warm radiant blanket of heat, heating the floor, furnishings and also the air. Comfort Cove® radiant heat allows you to enjoy a warm dry floor and at temperatures you decide. Any extra heat helps heat the rooms above and when not needed these basement areas may be easily and efficiently temperature controlled for maximum energy savings. With Comfort Cove® Valuable basement floor space need no longer be wasted.

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Customize Temperature

Throughout Your Home

We can all relate to preferring a particular temperature in each room of our home. Thanks to Comfort Cove’s Zone Control feature, you can expertly heat each room of your home to your unique liking without disturbing the temperature of the other rooms in your home. Set lower temperatures in rooms used less often, and higher for those used more frequently. No matter your unique preference, Zone Control gives you the ability to efficiently heat each room of your home to your liking.

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