It’s as easy to install as it is to operate!

Installing your new Comfort Cove® efficient radiant heating system is fast and simple. See our quick radiant heater installation guide below to start heating your home with the best radiant heating system in the market!

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Mounting Instructions

  1. Locate a wall stud for each bracket such that when the heater is attached to the brackets they are spaced approximately 12" from heater end.
  2. Attach brackets to wall studs with wood screws provided, use the template provided to mark screw locations depending upon type of ceiling.
  3. Attach back shield to brackets by tilting back shield back and allowing back shield slot to fall onto bracket hook then simply bring back shield forward locking into place.
  4. Hang the front panel on the back shield and complete wiring as directed.
  5. Secure front panel to back shield with painted screws and Teflon washers provided.
  6. Complete wiring as directed below.
  7. Attach end caps.
  8. Loosen the two outermost painted screws holding the painted front panel in place about one revolution (this is to allow for expansion).
  9. Do not "butt" heaters end to end.
  10. When the comfort cove is first energized, an initial break-in fragrance may be noticed - this is normal.
Download Comfort Cove Installation Instruction

Important Installation Cautions

  1. Do not recess cove heaters.
  2. Shut off electric current to the circuit on which you are working.
  3. Make certain all wiring is in accordance with local codes and units are grounded.
  4. Check the voltage rating of the heater to make certain it is the same as supply voltage.
  5. Never install the Comfort Cove radiant heater without using the supplied wall brackets.
  6. Maintain one inch clearance below heater and any fabric.
  7. Heater should not be blocked in any manner.
  8. Do not paint the heater in any manner.
  9. Do not mount closer than 4 1/2" from false ceilings, vinyl ceilings and plastic moldings.
  10. Do not use plastic conduits for direct connection to comfort cove.
  11. Allow 1" clearance between heaters - do not "butt" end to end.
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