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Why Radiant Heaters

It's simple. The Comfort Cove® radiant heater is a...

Compact Heater

Comfort Cove is such a compact heater it can be mounted high on a wall, close to the ceiling, allowing it to heat the room from above - and allowing you to save some wall space! Most people are familiar with forced air heat, and as we all know, hot air rises. Radiant heat is different - it's unaffected by gravity and will heat anything in its path, in any direction.

Efficient Heater

The Comfort Cove® efficient heater works to heat people and objects in the room, in much the same way as the sun heats people, the earth, and the air outside. We have all sought out the warmth of the sun on a cold day. Even though the air temperature is the same in the shade, we feel warmer in the sun - this is how Comfort Cove® radiant heat works. Thermostats can be turned down in a room and the room will still maintain a comfortable environment at lower money-saving temperature settings.

According to the United States Department of Energy, for every degree of temperature reduction below 70 degrees you save 3 percent, therefore, even reducing the temperature by 5 degrees will equal 15 percent savings.

Safe Heater

Comfort Cove® radiant heaters operate at such a temperature, they do not require an overheat switch. Baseboard heaters do require an overheat switch, and if the heating vent is blocked and the switch fails, they can cause fires. Comfort Cove® is Underwriters Laboratories tested and listed.

Low Cost Heater

This low cost heater can be mounted high up on the wall and out of the way. They are thin and attractive, with four colors to choose from - they can blend with almost any decor. Because of this ideal mounting location, they do not intrude on precious floor space. They cost less to wire, as Comfort-Cove® heating systems can be installed over doorways and interior walls.

Comfortable Heater

Air is very light and easy to heat, therefore, changing temperature quickly. Air temperature can fluctuate excessively in a home heated with forced air furnaces and hot air baseboards. This not only wastes energy; it also creates an unpleasant environment in which to live.

Comfort Cove® radiant heaters, when placed high on the wall, close to the ceiling, heat the objects in a room, as well as the air, and are then able to maintain an extremely comfortable, constant temperature.

The Benefits
  • Saves Space
  • Comfortable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Safe
  • Attractive Design

"Heat at Light Speed"®

The radiant heat produced by Comfort Cove® heaters travels at light speed until striking an object. Depending upon the surface it strikes, the heat is either reflected, deflected, or absorbed. Glass surfaces, for instance, reflect this wavelength, but home furnishings will absorb this heat. Comfort Cove® radiant heat will heat the entire room - the floors, the furniture, and occupants.

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