“Heat At light Speed™”

The radiant heat produced by Comfort Cove® heaters travels at the speed of light until striking an object. Depending upon the surface it strikes, the heat is either reflected or absorbed. Glass surfaces, for instance, reflect this wavelength, but home furnishings will absorb this heat. Windows therefore reflect this wave length of radiant heat back into the room, radiant heat is not lost through windows.  Comfort Cove® radiant heat will heat the entire room - the floors, walls, furniture, and occupants.

Conventional Hot Air Heating

Cold and Wasteful
Old fashioned hot air baseboards and furnaces are “just a lot of hot air”. Hot air as we know rises directly to the ceiling, where it heats the ceiling to money-wasting levels, while unfortunately, your toes remain cold, no fun when you are paying the bill.

Comfort Cove® Radiant Heating System

Warm and Efficient
Comfort Cove® Radiant Heat travels at the speed of light, heating everything in its path, doors, furniture and people, and the entire room below to one comfortable and even money-saving temperature. Comfort Cove® is radiant comfort without compromise.

It’s Simple. The Comfort Cove® Radiant Heater is a…

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Space Saving Heater

Comfort Cove® is such a compact radiant wall heater that is mounted high on a wall, close to the ceiling, allowing it to heat the room from above - and allowing you to save wall space! Most people are familiar with forced air heat, and as we all know, hot air rises. Radiant heat is different - it's unaffected by gravity and will heat anything in its path, in any direction. Moreover, Comfort Cove’s ergonomic radiant wall heater design allows it to be easily placed in any room in a discreet manner.

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Efficient, Energy-Saving Heater

The Comfort Cove® is an efficient radiant wall heater that works to heat people and objects in the room, similar to the way in which the sun heats the Earth! We have all sought out the warmth of the sun on a cool day. Even though the air temperature is the same in the shade, we feel warmer in the sun - this is how Comfort Cove® radiant heat works. Thermostats can be turned down in and the room will still maintain a comfortable environment at lower, money-saving temperature settings.

According to the United States Department of Energy, for every degree of temperature reduction below 70 degrees you save 3 percent, therefore, even reducing the temperature by 5 degrees will equal 15 percent savings. With the power of the Comfort Cove in your home, your investment in sustainable radiant heating will quickly pay for itself over time.

Heater Features
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Safe Heater

Comfort Cove® radiant heaters operate at such a temperature, they do not require an overheat switch. Baseboard heaters do require an overheat switch, and when the heating baseboard vent is blocked and the baseboard high limit cutoff switch fails, they can cause fires. Comfort Cove® is Underwriters Laboratories tested and listed. No matter where you place your Comfort Cove radiant heaters, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about the standard hazards of Baseboards and old fashioned traditional heating systems.

Comfort Cove® Zone Control
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Comfortable Heater

Radiant Comfort Cove® heat maintains an even constant temperature by first heating the objects and floor in your home. When relaxing in a chair, the chair will be warm, when young children play on the floor the floor will be warm.  Conventional hot air furnaces blow air.  Air is very light and easy to heat, therefore it also cools quickly causing air temperatures in your home to fluctuate excessively when heated with baseboards and furnaces.  This not only wastes precious energy; it also creates an unpleasant environment in which to live, because you are not comfortable when you are cold and you are wasting money when you are too hot.  Comfort Cove® heated homes maintain an even, constant, energy saving, warm and comfortable home.

Comfort Cove® radiant heaters, when placed high on the wall, close to the ceiling, heat the objects in a room, as well as the air, and are then able to maintain an extremely comfortable, constant temperature. Whether you place them in your basement, bathroom, or even your garage, you will be extremely impressed by the comfort your new Comfort Cove® Radiant Heating System provides, day in and day out.

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How Comfort Cove Saves You Money

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Efficient Electric Heaters

The cost of natural gas and propane gas are on the rise. Heating a home with a propane furnace system, compared to Comfort Cove’s efficient electric heaters, propane cost would need to be quite low in order to equal cost of heating with an energy efficient Comfort Cove® heating system.  Comfort Cove® saves money - homeowners are amazed at their savings when heating even just a few rooms with the Comfort Cove® Radiant Heating System.

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Cost Less to Buy

Costing approximately 80% less than in-floor radiant systems, Comfort Cove® are low cost radiant heaters. Comfort Cove® heaters are also less expensive than radiant ceiling drop-in panel systems. Comfort Cove’s Installation costs per square foot is the best dollar-for-dollar value in the industry.

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Cost Less to Retrofit

Comfort Cove® radiant heating systems evenly spread a blanket of radiant warmth throughout a room - placement is not critical. Interior walls can be utilized as heater locations, which reduces material and labor costs. Comfort Coves mount high on the wall near the ceiling and out of the way.

Thin and attractive, they are available in a variety of colors, and are able to match almost any décor. Because electric cove heaters are wall mounted, they do not require any of your precious floor space, and cost less to wire when installed over doorways and on interior walls.

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Cost Less to Operate

According to a study performed by the American Society of Heating and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, radiant electric heat had significant energy savings over old electric hot air baseboards, and forced hot air.  Savings were also noted over Air to Air heat pumps in many locations.  Savings are due primarily to improved thermal comfort.

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Lower Installation Cost

Comfort Coves can be mounted high up on the wall and close to the ceiling.  They are thin and attractive, and with six colors to choose from, they blend with almost any decor. Because of this ideal mounting location, they do not consume any precious floor space. They cost less to wire, as Comfort Coves® heating systems can be easily installed over doorways and interior walls

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Cost Less to Maintain

Comfort Cove® electric radiant heaters have no motors, belts, blowers, circuit boards, or filters to change - Comfort Cove heating units are maintenance free!

Why Comfort Cove® Radiant Heaters are the Safest Radiant Heaters

  • Comfort Cove® is a safe heater - it operates at a specific "safe" temperature, producing specific wavelengths. These wavelengths are not visible to the naked eye but are visible with the use of an infrared camera.
  • Comfort Cove® generates radiant heat, which is harmless and is similar to the radiant heat coming from a hot pan of Grandma's cookies just removed from the oven, an old wood burning cast iron stove, or a hot pan of sizzling bacon in the morning.

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Radiant Heat is safe

Malfunctioning gas central heating systems can increase the levels of carbon monoxide in a room, propane gas furnaces run the risk of explosion.  Comfort Cove® radiant heat sets the standard for safety with no moving parts the high mounting location and a nearly 40 year track record of customer satisfaction. Comfort Cove® is an incredibly safe carbon free Radiant Heating solution for the home.

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And That’s Just the Start of It… Explore Comfort Cove’s Features and More!

Comfort Cove® is Listed, Tested, and Approved by Underwriters Laboratories