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Comfort Cove®

The Best Energy Efficient Radiant Heating System

Radiant Systems, Inc. has provided homeowners with innovative, energy-efficient radiant heat system solutions since 1984. Proudly made in America, our Comfort Cove® wall heater products have become a staple for homeowners looking for cost-effective, energy-efficient heating solutions that are completely maintenance-free.

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Whether you’re heating your ...

Apartment, or Multi-Level, Multi-Room Home

... you’ll find unprecedented longevity and efficiency with Comfort Cove® products, saving you money. Featuring all metal construction with no moving parts, Comfort Cove® is designed and built to outlast the life of your home - the best energy efficient heating solution on the market - backed by our 10 year Warranty.

About Us

Warm Your Floor & More with Comfort Cove®

The very first thing Comfort Cove® heats is your floor. A heated floor is comfortable. But, more than just floors they warm all the objects in your room. Made in the USA, Comfort Cove® electric radiant heater offers lower operation costs when compared to many other systems. It is an individual room problem solver or perfect for the entire home.

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Comfort Cove® radiant heaters are comfortable, safe, and space-saving solution for most heating applications.

Why Radiant Heat?
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Boasting unprecedented flexibility in accommodating the various heating needs of homeowners, Comfort Cove® is in a league of its own for its energy-efficient heating.

Heater Features
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Zone Control

Using Comfort Cove’s innovative Zone Control feature, customers have seen a decrease in their monthly heating expenses by up to 20%!

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Air is very light and easy to heat and therefore it is also easy to cool creating large temperature swings along with cold floors, walls and furnishings.

Comfort Cove® radiant heat ...

Travels at the Speed of Light

... heating all the “Thermal Mass” in its path, this includes floors, furniture, people, and walls. This “Thermal Mass”, which is far heavier than air, in turn heats the air and because of this utilization of warm “Thermal Mass” you will enjoy being surrounded in comfortable, even radiant warmth without the drafts and the noise of a furnace.

This environment provides a constant and even room temperature, warm furnishings and provides you the radiant comfort while eliminating the wasteful and uncomfortable hot and cold swings. Because unlike in floor systems we not only heat the floor, Comfort Cove® also heats the walls and all the furnishings, making it far superior to just heating the floor and with the added benefit of costing far less.

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What our customers are saying about our services

"We've had this cove heating in our home several years now and think it's wonderful! We also use an Earth stove and burn firewood. The heat is comparable. It's quiet, and toasty very quickly. Our electrician had no problem doing the installation. We like how each room has a thermostat and can be adjusted to use."

Lora B.

"This is an excellent way to heat your home. I installed them seven years ago and have not had any problems. Very comfortable heat. Using programmable thermostats. These radiant heaters work wonderfully."

Peter E.

"Very easy to install, radiant heat works well. Comes in various sizes to fit each room. Heats the objects in the room so that it stays warm with less energy to keep it that way. A1+++ Would buy again."


Installed a 47 inch cove heater as supplemental heat source. Can feel the radiant heat within 15 minutes of the unit turning on and raising the temp in the room; 18 feet by 28 feet, 7 foot ceilings; in under 2 hours from 66 to 69 to 70 degrees. Very happy with this product.”


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Comfort Cove® radiant heaters will warm your floors and create a comfortable blanket of radiant warmth, without the cost and dangers of other heating systems. It's “green” heating for every room in the home! Use Comfort Cove® as a garage heater, bathroom heater, kitchen heater, basement heater, bedroom heater, or all of the above. Available in a variety of colors, the Comfort Cove® can perfectly accent your home decor while serving as the most energy efficient heating solution around.

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